Satan’s Pediatrician, 2017 Edition

What makes society so rebellious? Many traditionalists like to blame the popular culture.  A lot of anti-secularists feel it is the pursuit of proving whether or not Alfred Kinsey’s absurd theory of sexuality was right.  However, simple research proves that this is not the case.  It all goes back to a book which galvanized the baby boomer’s rebellious culture identity and the lack of parenting which followed among future generations.

Benjamin Spock, the son of a wealthy lawyer who served as general counsel to the New Haven railroad, became obsessed with Sigmund Freud at a young age.   Seeing the impact the John B. Watson’s rigid, Puritanical-like pediatrics, such as no hugging, no sympathy, doctor-knows-best, parents-know-little, whereas the overly-strict childhood Spock endured would change his views and the views of millions of parents worldwide who read Spock’s book.  The Puritanical ideology which Spock’s parents followed  was indeed overbearing and many of the Puritans during colonial days were willing to hang people and torture with stone pressing if mere allegations of witchcraft surfaced.  Spock was just as Puritanical in his pseudo-expertise on what was and was not good for children, how they are raised, and the outcome of the child’s ability to mature.  The generation gap, which was common amongst boomers, also lead to his own desire to end the cycle of overbearing parenting, which fueled his own generation gap as well.

Interested in Freudian concepts, Spock saw dollar signs when he saw fit to revise his book, ”The Common Sense of Baby and Child Care”, four times over,  changing its meaning and concept to fit the changing times.  By the time he wrote his fifth through eighth editions, however, Spock needed help writing these books because he had lost touch with initial meaning of what the book was.  Hypocrisy was even shown by the fact that even his own two sons were bitter towards him throughout much of their lives because of his own bad parenting.  In essence, Spock fooled us all, like a sideshow barker at a county fair, selling his medicine to unwary customers who were willing to buy into this new type of hype.  The end of World War II saw the rise of the desire to bring up children and find peace, which was a vehicle for Spock to sell his rebellion, which sold the souls of millions of children to the ways of anarchy and unorganized rebellion.  Henceforth, the moniker “Satan’s Pediatrician.”




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